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In  2002, the two founding entities, Carabao and Tawandang, joined forces with the idea of introducing a new energy drink.

Yuengyong Opakul (Aed Carabao)
Founding Partner

Aed Carabao is a popular folk singer in Thailand whom the vast  majority of Thais regard as  “The voice of the people”.  The outspoken Aed Carabao who inspired Carabao Energy Drink, hit the road to stardom in 1976 by creating emotionally gripping songs titled “Songs for Life”.

His songs touched the hearts of all freedom fighters and grassroots folks in the country. Fame and popularity have not undermined the singer’s grassroots spirit.  Understanding the hearts of his follow countrymen, Aed Carabao is always there to sing and speak up for the people.

Sathien Setthasit
Founding Partner

Tawandang German Brewery is the most famous and successful restaurant in Thailand.  It was founded by a remarkable entrepreneur, Sathien Setthasit, who worked himself up the business ranks to become one of Thailand’s most renowned  businessmen.  He is the true embodiment of a “Fighting Spirit”.

The first Tawandang German Brewery was launched in 1999 from an initiative to create the first Thai-German microbrewery in Bangkok that served original German beer with Thai food.  Time magazine claimed in 2003 that Tawandang was the world’s best Thai-German bar and restaurant.  A second restaurant was opened in 2005 with a seating capacity of more than 2,000 seats.  Tawandang expanded abroad in 2009 with the opening of a branch in Singapore.


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