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“Carabao” is an energy drink that was inspired by the fighting spirit of an individual. It is more than a global energy drink, it is the empowerment to accomplish personal goals.

Carabao symbolizes the spirit of individuals who fight for the cause they believe in. Not by force, but with determination, hence the slogan: “ The Fighting Spirit of Carabao”

Around the world, energy drinks have become popular with the young, trendy urban population. By positioning these drinks as trendy and fashionable, many companies have forgotten the original purpose of an energy drink. Many of these so called energy drinks have now become soft drinks. Carabao believes that energy drinks were created with a purpose: to provide replenishment for lost energy.

In Thailand, home of the world's leading energy drinks, this type of beverage was made to provide replenishment for lost energy. Carabao adheres to these basic principles and has therefore positioned itself as an energy drink for those who need replenishment.

Carabao's position is based on the philosophy of its founding partner, Mr. Aed Carabao. Aed Carabao is a popular folk singer in Thailand who the vast majority of Thais regard as “The voice of the people"

The outspoken Aed Carabao, who Carabao Energy Drink is named after, started his movement in 1976 by creating emotionally gripping songs titled "Songs for Life“. Fame and popularity have not undermined the singer's grassroots spirit. Understanding the hearts of his fellow men, Aed Carabao is always there to sing and speak up for the people.

The Carabao logo is unique amongst energy drink brands as it was designed by Aed Carabao himself. It represents the physical and emotional strength of people who possess the fighting sprit. The stylized image of a buffalo skull, with the red bird that represents freedom, can be seen everywhere in Thailand.

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