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Carabao Group Co., Ltd and its affiliates and subsidiaries would like to inform you that it is necessary for the company to use cookies for the many operating functions in this website in order to differentiate you from other users by offering certain website functions to the user in order to assist in website improvement, accessibility, and user experience. Our company will only use cookies with necessary purposes and guarantee appropriate security measures that align with the conditions and standards as required by relevant laws. Cookies are widely used as a standard function throughout the internet. You may either choose to accept or refuse the use of cookie(s) or configure your browser settings to disable the use of cookie(s). However, refusing or disabling the use of cookie(s) may stop certain functions of this website from performing properly and our company will not accept any responsibility towards any inconvenience or damages occurred due to the user’s aforementioned actions. In case you (whether on behalf of an individual or company) continue to browse this website after reading through this policy, our company will assume that you have accepted and legally consent to the Company's use of cookies for your own use in accordance with this Cookie Policy. However, this Cookie Policy applies only to the company’s websites and its affiliates and subsidiaries. This to third party services or websites that may be connected to the company’s website.
What is a “Cookie”?

A cookie is a text file consisting of small amounts of information which are downloaded and may be stored in your web browser or other devices connected to the internet, such as, a PC, smartphone, or tablet. Cookies automatically store details of your use of the website or your browsing such as:

  1. Internet domain and IP Address from the location of your browsing.
  2. Type of web browser software along with its structure and operating system used in browsing the company’s website.
  3. Date and time of your visit to the company’s website.
  4. Web address of other website(s) that links you to the company’s website.
  5. Webpages that you’ve visited and exited from our company’s website including the content and duration of your visit.
Use of Cookies

The types of cookies used and applied include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies: This type of cookie is important to the functioning of the company’s website and includes cookies that grant you secure accessibility to information and usage of the company’s website.
  2. Analytical/Performance Cookies: This type of cookie allows the company to recognise and count the amount of visitors along with their browsing which will be used for improving the website’s functionality and suitability. Furthermore, collection of statistical data regarding behaviours on how you access and visit websites will help in improving the functionality of the website thus allowing the users to better search for content, help understand the users’ area of interests, and measure the effectiveness of the company’s advertising.
  3. Functionality Cookies: This type of cookie is used to recognise you when you re-visit the company’s website. This will further help the company adjust and personalise content that fits your requirement. This also includes your preference settings such as languages, regions, preferred font size, etc.
  4. Targeting Cookies: This type of cookie will record the data from your visit to the company’s website(s), webpages, and links which will help in adjusting and personalising content that further fits your requirements. The company may also share this information with third-parties with the same aforementioned purpose(s).
  5. Advertising Cookies: This type of cookie will memorise your settings and preferences during your visit to the website which will be used as a reference for adjusting advertisements that are most suitable to you. For example, selecting an advertisement of interest to you or preventing or preventing the same advertisement from being shown repeatedly in order to measure the effectiveness of the company’s advertisement.
  6. Please note that certain types of cookies are managed by third-parties, for instance, advertisement network agencies with features such as videos, maps, social media, as well as, other third-party websites that provide, for instance, website access, analytic services and so forth. These cookies are usually for analytics/measurement of effectiveness or with the purpose of adjusting the content for the targeted group. Please read and understand the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy of the third-party website. You can learn more on how your data is managed and used by third-parties at
Cookies Settings

You may refuse, accept, or remove cookies at any moment by activating or accessing your browser settings. Information about the procedure to follow in order to enable, disable or remove cookies can be found on your internet browser provider’s website via your help screen. However, please note that refusing or disabling cookie function may cause some features of the website from functioning for the intended purpose such as not being able to access a certain part of the website or unable to receive information personalised to you during your visit to the website.

Managing Cookies

Although most internet browsers are initially set up to automatically accept cookies, most internet browsers allow you accept or block cookies provided by the company at any given moment by changing your browser settings.

Access to the help section of each browser is provided in the links below. You can search for and learn about more details regarding cookie management for each browser via links below:

However, please note that refusing or disabling cookie function may cause some features of the website from functioning properly.

Our company is not responsible or in any ways related with the websites or contents contained in the websites mentioned above.